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Rize ingilizce tanıtım, İngilizce Rizenin tanıtımı

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Rize ingilizce tanıtım, İngilizce Rizenin tanıtımı
Rize (Greek: Rizous) is the capital of Rize Province, in north-east Turkey, on the Black Sea coast.
The city is built around a small bay on the Black Sea coast, on a narrow strip of flat land between the sea and the mountains behind. The coastal strip is being expanded with landfill and the city is growing up the steep hillsides away from the coast. Rize enjoys a mild, extremely wet climate, vulnerable to storms coming off the Black Sea and therefore the surrounding countryside is rich with vegetation and is attracting more and more visitors every year.

Rize is a center for processing and shipping the tea grown in the surrounding area. Tea was introduced in the region in the 1940’s and 1950’s, changing the region’s destiny, which was deperately poor until then. The city has a tea research institute founded in 1958 and tea gardens are the main sight in the town’s panoramic view.

Tea and kiwifruit plants are even planted in gardens around the town. The secondary activity is fishing. Rize is linked by road with Trabzon (41 miles [66 km] west), Hopa (55 miles [88 km] east, on the Georgian border, and Erzurum (north). The nearest airport is in Trabzon.

Rize is a quiet town, a typical Turkish provincial capital with little in the way of night life or enetertainment. However the border with Georgia has been open since the early 90’s, the Black Sea coast road has been widened and Rize is now wealthier than in previous decades; there are more cars in the streets, higher buildings on the sea front, and some places for young people to go are opening up now. The visitors to the surrounding countryside also contribute to the economy of the town.

Most importants mountains [1] Kaçkar (3.251 m)
Barut (3.251 m)
Ziglat (3.511 m)
Verçenik (3.711 m)
Hipot (3.560 m)
From east to the west

Fındıklı Deresi or in Laz Viçe abja
Pazar Suyu
[İyidere] or [Greek language|[Greek]] Kalopotamos
The economic structure of Rize is based primarily around its geographic location. Rize is a very mountainous city, making industrial development difficult and impractical. Given the lack of air and rail transit, most goods have to travel by truck or ship, which makes exporting and importing more difficult. Rize’s primary trading partner is Trazbon, the most developed city of northeast Black Sea region. Rize’s main exports are agriculturally based; tea and kiwi fruit are among its most popular commodities.
Rize University was founded in 2006. It consists of the following faculties:

Merkez Milli Piyango Egitim Kampusu – Milli Piyango Teacher’s College Central Campus

Ilahiyat Kampusu – Theology Campus

Egtitim Fakultesi (Cayeli/Rize) – Cayeli Tezcher’s College Campus

Rize Meslek Yuksekokulu – Rize Vocational High School

Findiklı Meslek Yuksekokulu (Findiklı/Rize) – Findikli Vocational High School

Ardesen Meslek Yuksekokulu (Ardesen/Rize) – Ardesen Vocational High School

As of 2007, the university was also building a Faculty of Medicine.
See Rize Province for the history of the area.
Notable natives
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan The Turkish Prime Minister spent his childhood in Rize
Mesut Yılmaz – politician and former prime minister
İsmail Türüt – Singer of folk music of the Black Sea region
Erol Evgin singer, spent his childhood summers with his grandparents in Rize
The ship-owning Kalkavan family
Ahmet Tevfik İleri – politician and former deputy prime minister
Fahri Tatan – football player
Kazım Ayvaz – Olympic medalist and world champion in wrestling
Mehmet Akif Pirim – Olympic medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling
Temel Kotil – aeronautical engineer and CEO of Turkish Airlines
Zafer Biryol – football player

Davut Güloglu pop singer and musician, born in Rize in 1972
Besim Tibuk, businessman and Liberal Democrat politician, born in Rize in 1945.
Sinan Özen singer,
Hülya Polat Black Sea folk singer
Köksal Toptan Politician, Speaker of Parliament

Çaykur Rizespor, the local football team, play in the Turkish Super League and are local heroes, occasionally capable of defeating even the big Istanbul teams. They play in green and blue, reflecting the blue of the sea and the green of the tea growing on the hillsides.

Others who have never lived in Rize but come from Rize families include:

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Tarkan the Turkish pop star
Asena television’s best-known belly dancer
Murat Karayalçın Politician, leader of the SHP
Yaşar Okuyan journalist and nationalist politician

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